Nicka K Makeup Perfection Eye Primer Review

N K Makeup Perfection Eye Pr

Nicka K Makeup Perfection Eye primer is the first ever eye primer that I have used, and let me tell you at the start itself-It is a waste of money.But still, I would give a detailed review about the product.

I bought the eye primer online at site that I trust the most when it comes to beauty products). I had never tried any eye primer before, and had no money to buy an expensive one. So, I ended up buying the Nicka K Makeup Perfection Eye primer just to experience how eye primers work. And . I . am . Regretting.

A short description of the Nicka K Makeup Perfection Eye Primer

The packaging is very simple. It’s a small tube that you have to squeeze to get the product out. The tube looks more like an ointment than a cosmetic product.

Now, talking about the primer- the cream that is meant to be smooth and creamy on eyelid is thick like anything. It’s so thick that it refused to come out of the nozzle even after I applied so much energy to squeeze it out,so, I unscrewed the nozzle.

The quantity is too less. The tube felt hollow and empty as if it’s already used so many times.

TheĀ  price of 9.5 grams of the product is 395 rupees.

The Shade that I used is NKE01-NUDE


N K Makeup Perfection eye primer


N K Makeup Perfection Eye Primer in Nude


My Experience with the Nicka K Makeup Perfection Eye primer

I have been very disappointed with few cosmetics before but at least they worked even though less than expectation. But, I am surprised and sad that I have wasted my money on such a useless product. I am trying to write one positive point for this eye primer, but trust me, you guys, this primer doesn’t work.

Let me put my horrible experience in points.

  • I had to remove the nozzle to take out the product
  • I applied to to my eye lids, and it looked like I have applied thick dough.
  • It left my eye lids sticky, and the creases were not smoothened out.
  • You will need to set the primer with powder (Again, what’s the point ?)
  • It’s thick and can’t be applied properly.
  • Doesn’t make much difference in eye shadow density.
  • It doesn’t serve it’s purpose.

N K Makeup Perfection Eye Primer Review

Would I ever recommend it to anyone?

Never. Period.

What improvement can be made to the Nicka K Makeup Perfection Eye primer ?

Firstly, the cream should be smooth to apply, and non sticky.

Second, the packaging can be changed. Tub form would be great. I had to squeeze so hard to get the product out.

If we are paying money then we certainly expect the product to be useful that serves it’s purpose.

That was all about the Nicka K Makeup Perfection eye primer, and I have written the review with my own experience with the product that unfortunately was not good. If you have tried this eye primer, then do share your views in the comment section.





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