Natural Bath And Body Rose And Mint Facial Water Review

Natural Bath And body rose & mint facial water



Natural Bath and Body Rose and Mint Facial Water Review

I am trying to be so consistent with my posts, and have come up with yet another review on a facial water this time – NATURAL BATH AND BODY ROSE AND MINT FACIAL WATER.

I ordered a sample size of the product from smytten because I better thought of trying it first and then buying the product. So, I have basically got 30 ml of the Natural bath and body facial water, which is enough to test and try.





Natural Bath and Body Rose & Mint facial water Review – Short description

The sample bottle is very cute with red rose flowers all over. The actual full size sample looks very different, and comes with a spray which, I think, is much convenient to use.

The fragrance as expected is majorly of roses and there’s very light presence of mint. The fragrance is very fresh and rejuvenating, and feels the same on skin as well.

The full size product of the natural bath and body rose & mint facial water is 350 rupees for 100 ml, and you can buy it on amazon, or on their own website

This rose and mint facial water consists purified water, rose water, peppermint water, peppermint oil, and polysorbate 20.

Natural bath and body rose & mint facial water Review- My experience

I have used this facial water a few times, and mainly I used it after returning home from office, as that’s when I am most tired and needs something fresh on my skin. Also, I have used it while making face mask. Instead of normal water, I used the natural bath and body facial water.

To put it i short, I have liked the natural bath and body rose and mint facial water because it served it’s purpose. It’s meant for giving a fresh feeling to your skin and rejuvenating it, so it did!

The only negative point is that this facial water is quite expensive than other facial waters that are available in the market. Overall, I quite liked it, but won’t really order a full size of the product because I would prefer buying something reasonably priced, instead.

So, guys, that was all about the natural bath and body rose & mint facial water review. Have anything to add to the review do let me know in the comment section.

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