Maybelline V-Face Blush Contour Review & Swatches

Maybelline V FACE blush contour review

Maybelline V-face Blush Contour Review


Hi beautiful people, I am here with a new review. I am sure you might have already heard about the Maybelline V-face blush contour. I know that I am late on reviewing it as I didn’t get a chance to buy it before. Better late than never! So, why the wait; Let’s head straight into the Maybelline V-face blush contour review.

As the name goes, Maybelline V-face blush contour  is made just for one simple purpose- to get a smaller V faced look in a couple of minutes. To achieve that, the smart team at Maybelline has come up with a cool, quick, and mess free idea of combining BLUSH, ILLUMINATOR,  and CONTOUR in one small palette. They have definitely made makeup application easier for girls like me who have not much time to sit and contour face. Well, this was the only reason why I actually spent money on this palette. But, are the results really worth the money spent? For that, keep reading.




Why you should buy Maybelline V-face blush contour?

The very first reason is that it’s three-in-one kit with blush, highlighter, and contour. So, if you are low on budget but still want full fledge makeup you should go ahead and buy it.

The second reason is that it’s very compact and lightweight, and can be carried around without weighing your bag down.

Third, you get a mini brush along. Like, should I say it’s a four-in-one benefit?! I mean, where on earth do you get a contour, a blush, a highlighter along with a brush at an affordable price?!


Why you should not buy Maybelline V-face blush contour?

To be very honest, when the product arrived I was shocked to see the size of the kit. It’s so mini and hardly the size of my palm. That was a heartbreak for me as it was not something that I expected. I thought it would be a regular size kit when I saw it online (This is why from now on I will test and try makeup products at brand outlets before buying them online)

The next reason why you should not buy the Maybelline V-face blush contour kit is that it’s not at all pigmented! I love Maybelline products, but when it comes to eye-shadows, blush or any compressed powder makeup I think, you should not really consider it. I literally have to rub my finger hard on the blush and contour to pick some amount of product. Even the brush is helpless here.

The price is affordable (575 Indian Rupees) but the quantity and quality ain’t that great. So, I would rather suggest you to buy separate blush, contour and highlighter.


My own experience with the Maybelline V-face blush contour kit

By now, you would have already known; I am not much satisfied with the product, and wanted to return back the product, but decided to keep it. Maybelline is my all time favorite brand as it does give quality at an affordable price, but bad luck with the V-SHAPE contour kit. I have used Maybelline  fit me foundation and Maybelline fit me concealer which are considered one of the best in the whole world, and I do agree.


Maybelline V-face blush contour shades

There are three shades in total: PINK, PEACH AND BROWN.

 I bought the peach one, but I think I should have bought the pink one instead. It might have been more pigmented than the peach one. Nonetheless,a I have no much regret. I love Maybelline no matter what.

Swatches of the Maybelline V-face blush contour

I am sorry that I could not put pictures of actual swatches as the shades are so light that my camera is not able to capture them.


How to contour, blush and highlight with the Maybelline V-face blush contour kit ?

This image here will guide you properly for the same, and I will write a detailed post about it as well. One suggestion: use finger to pick up the product and bend with the brush.




That was all about the Maybelline V-face blush contour review, and I hope that it helps you in choosing the right product whenever you plan to buy it. Do let me know when you buy it and share your experience with me in the comment section below.  So, take care my angel till then and keep coming back for the next post.


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    1. It was not completely disappointing actually. It’s just that the product isn’t much pigmented, and the brush doesn’t pick it up.
      Try picking up with your fingers, apply it and blend with the brush. For a very subtle look I would surely recommend this maybelline v face blush contour kit.

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