Maybelline clear glow bright benefit cream review


I absolutely love BB creams and who doesn’t. When you get a product that overtakes your sunscreen, moisturizer, primer, concealer, foundation and does all the work by itself, then even you are going to love it. BB cream stands for beauty balm, and it moisturises your skin, covers maximum amount of skin blemishes (coverage depends on the BB cream that you use), and acts as a sun screen too, all the while giving you a much fairer-than-before and smooth complexion.



This 8 in 1 benefits cream is something that I am applying since 1 year. Honestly saying, I am going to continue applying it in the further future too, until and unless I come across a more better BB cream. A 18 ml tube lasts for about 3 months easily. My first reaction when I got this product was “How long will this tiny tube last? And it’s expensive, given its size” But anyway, I bought it, and it has only surprised me with the quality of coverage it gives to my skin with applying only a droplet of the BB cream. The cream lasts on my skin, frankly, for half of the day. Then my skin just becomes greasy and oily afterwards.


BRIGHTENS: I completely agree (it’s the best for bright skin) , EVENS TONE: Yes,  PROTECTS: Umm, I am doubtful. HYDRATES and  FRESHENS: It keeps my skin fresh and hyderated for a good 4 to 5 hours, SMOOTHES: Yes, without a question! That’s the best thing the cream has, CLARIFIES: I think rather than relying on the cream for a clear skin, one should wash their face with a good cleanser, CONCEALS: Nup, it doesn’t conceal much. But yea, it does fade away the blemish to some amount.


PRICE: 250 INR for 18 ml tube.

SHADES: 3 shades are available. NUDE, NATURAL and RADIANCE.



Hate spending so much time before the mirror, dabbing your foundation, concealer and what not on your face to get that perfect look? Then, I think it’s time that you rush to the market and buy a BB cream that best suits your complexion. Now, you have the product in your hand but thinking on how to apply it? Spare your worries.

  • Wash your face (gee! We all know that), but don’t completely wipe off the wetness with towel. Just pat it softly, and let some dampness remain on the skin.
  • Or, other alternative is- spray some rose water or cucumber water (as you like it), and let it cool and dampen your skin.
  • Take 2 droplets of the product on your index finger. With the other hand’s index finger, dot the product all over your face.
  • Now, massage and blend the product to cover every patch of the skin. The product will smoothly glide on your skin as your face is damp and not completely dry. And, tadda! Your face is ready to apply make up on or simply be left that way.

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