loreal paris instant smoothing serum: review, price, how to use

loreal paris intense smoothing serum

Hello lovelies! So today I will be reviewing a product which has played a vital part in taming my hair for over a one and a half years- LOREAL PARIS SMOOTH INTENSE INSTANT SMOOTHING SERUM.

I bought this Loreal serum out of sheer curiosity and out of frustration for my frizzy hair. I have already used the STREAX SERUM before, but I wasn’t much happy with the results it gave. There were too many serums from the Loreal range, but I couldn’t decide which one to pick, and then I read carefully everything that was written on every bottle. And I got the one that could actually help me-INTENSE SMOOTHING SERUM. Yes! I needed it as my hair would feel so unruly, frizzy and just not good to touch. Naturally, my hair is not that bad, but there are days when I feel to chop them off and get rid of its stubbornness as it just won’t behave.

Loreal paris smooth intense instant smoothing serum description and details

 Loreal Paris intense, smooth serum is a ‘Leave-in serum’, which means that you don’t have to wash it off after applying. It can be applied on wet hair as well as dry hair. I prefer applying it on dry hair because that’s when my hair is out of control. Applying just a small dollop of the product is enough to cover every strand of hair.


The outer packaging of the serum bottle is a gold color rectangular box. The serum comes in a gold color bottle with a flip open cap. You just flip open the cap and pour the serum in your palm. The bottle contains 100 ml of the product.

loreal paris intense smoothing serum  loreal paris intense smoothing serum packaging


The serum contains silk protein which gives the silkiness to hair and makes it manageable.

loreal paris intense smoothing leave in serum


The color of the product is transparent. It seems like water. The texture of the serum is very silky, smooth, and soft. It’s non sticky or non greasy. The fragrance of the serum is really great. Though strong, I still liked the fragrance. It gives a nice pleasant smell to my hair.

loreal paris intense smoothing serum texture and color


The price for 100 ml of the bottle is 275 Indian rupees. I think, it’s affordable enough.


My hair is frizz free the whole day after I apply the serum. The next day I prefer applying it again.

loreal paris intense smoothing serum for managable hair


Trust me, it will last you at least 6 months and above too easily, as only a small quantity of the serum covers waist length hair. The shorter your hair is, the more the serum will last.

My take on the loreal paris smooth intense instant smoothing serum

Claim of the serum

  • 48 hours manageable hair
  • The texture and shine are instantly renewed
  • Hair feels smooth, silky and manageable instantly

loreal paris intense smoothing serum review


My hair, as I said earlier, is so frizzy. And the sole purpose behind buying this serum was to tame my hair and make them settled and manageable. The serum has definitely worked for my hair. It does control the frizz. The serum is non oily and doesn’t weigh down the hair or make it oily. Just a dollop of the serum is more than enough for my waist length hair and it lasts all day long.

Though it claims that the serum gives 48 hours manageable, frizz-free hair, I apply it again on the next day. I don’t think it can hold frizz for 48 hours. But its pretty okay for me, I don’t mind applying the serum again on the next day as long as it controls my frizz.

 Advantages and disadvantages

Pros of the loreal paris smooth intense instant smoothing serum

  • This product is non greasy. Even if you decide to apply a second layer of the product to hair, it still won’t grease your hair.
  • The price is very reasonable. It won’t make a hole in your pocket.
  • Gives instant result. You can just apply it on the go!
  • Gives hair a better shine.
  • A must buy product for people with dry hair.
  • It’s available in every cosmetic or beauty shop. Even chemists keep it. So finding it won’t be a hard work.
  • The product quantity, I think, is generous. It will last you 6 to 8 months easily.

Cons of the loreal paris smooth intense instant smoothing serum

  • This L’oreal serum claims to manage hair for 48 hours straight. But according to my experience, it stays hardly for one day. The next day I prefer applying it again.
How to use the loreal paris smooth intense instant smoothing serum

Many of us know how to use a live-in serum, but for those who don’t know here I have mentioned the directions to use it for better results.

  • Choose whether you want to apply the serum on wet hair or dry hair.
  • If you decide to apply on wet hair, make sure that you detangle your hair with a wide tooth comb.
  • Same goes for dry hair too.
  • If you have shoulder length hair, then half a dollop of the L’oreal serum is more than enough. For waist length hair like mine, consider taking one dollop of the product. (You can apply more if you wish)
  • Now rub your hands and distribute the product so that applying it on every strand becomes easier.

And this way you are all set to go! The serum makes the hair soft, smooth and manageable. So, whenever you want to keep your hair left open, then do apply this product. Your hair will not frizz around and it also kind of makes hair bouncy . I am saying this from my own experience as my hair is very light weight and it just flies around everywhere, which was why I kept my hair in the front so that I can stop them from flying into messiness.

Summing up the pros, cons and my experience

 A product with so many benefits and just 1 drawback (which is okay!) is a good buy and try one. So, girls why worry about your frizz, you can give this serum and your hair a chance. And even if you don’t like it, you won’t regret it.

Also, Use the product before 36 months of packaging. I mean, if you have bought this product and completely forgot about it for years, then better not to apply it afterwards. All know this, but still If you have different thoughts about this product then do share your experience in the comment section below.


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