Junaili Apricot Face Scrub Review

Junaili Apricot Face Scrub Review


JUNAILI  is an organic brand, which is known for two of their products

  1. Junaili apricot face and body scrub
  2. Junaili apricot face and body oil

I don’t know about the Junaili apricot oil, but after trying the Junaili apricot scrub, I can say it is the best exfoliator that I have ever tried. Read on to know why.

Firstly, the scrub is all natural, organic and made by cold pressing apricot kernels and Geranium Leaf essential oil at 7000 ft in Himalayas before crushing them into tiny beads. Yes, just that, and nothing more. Not a hint of chemical.

Junaili apricot  scrub is made in a very simple and natural manner, and the packaging is even simpler. It comes in a transparent plastic tub with golden lid, and you could see the tub is filled up to its brim with the crushed apricot beads. It has a typical nutty smell, which is mild. 



Junaili apicot face scrub


About the usage

Junaili apricot face scrub can be used in two ways:

  • With water
  • With milk

You would need only 2 small spoons of the product and 4 small spoons of water. Mix them well, and apply it immediately on the face and neck area.

Rub the scrub gently on your face skin in clockwise and anticlockwise direction. Don’t forget the forehead area as it tends to have more dead skin than other area on the face. Rub the scrub for 10 minutes, and wash it off with normal tap water.

Using it with milk will be an added advantage for your skin’s health.


Are the apricot beads, rough on skin?

Absolutely not! The seeds of Apricot have been cold pressed in the Himalayas for years just to make them soft for your tender face skin. Unlike many chemical- induced local drugstore face scrubs, the Junaili Apricot face scrub is effective naturally. Also, I have used scrubs that removes balckheads but strips off my skin’s natural moisture, but the Juinali apricot scrub is mild on skin, and has effectively removed my blackheads as well. 


Where and How to buy it?

Unfortunately, Junaili apricot scrub is not available anywhere locally. You can buy it online for 330 Indian rupees for 75 grams of dry apricot scrub. The scrub would last you for 3 months if used once a week.

You can buy the scrub here

Honestly, when I got the product my first thoughts were that it might not work that great, but it proved me wrong. I am definitely going to repurchase the scrub, and I will recommend that you at least try it once, and know for yourself how effective it is. I have shared my experience with you guys, and if you have any experience with Junaili apricot scrub then do let me know.

Also, I would be grateful if you can suggest me any other scrub that I don’t know about and should try it.


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** This post is not sponsored in any way. The sample was sent to me for trying and testing, and the review is unbiased and as per my experience with the product.



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