Juicy Chemistry night cream for dry skin : review

Juicy chemistry night cream review

Juicy Chemistry night cream for dry skin

Few days back, I ordered a night cream for dry skin from Juicy Chemistry. This Brand is just new in the market, which claims that all its products are made from only natural, skin friendly ingredients. Well, I think that holds true as I can see from the list of ingredients given on the back of the tub; there’s no bit of chemical used.

Juicy chemistry ingredients


The juicy chemistry cream that I use to combat dry skin is a night cream with lavender, myrrh and forest wild honey. I only know what lavender is, to be honest. But wait, I can paste some images of the main ingredients like lavender and myrrh at the end of the post.

About the quantity

The quantity is very disappointing. For 150 rupees, you get 15 grams of product, which is still reasonable as the ingredients are skin friendly and absolutely chemical free. But what I was so disappointed about is that tub is only half filled with the cream. When I opened it, I found just small and half amount of product in an already small tub.Β 

Juicy chemistry night cream


About the price and availability.

Its 150 rupees for 15 grams of product (way too less than expected). It’s not available locally; I ordered mine from nykaa.com

About the usage, and does it really work ?

As it’s a night cream, I apply it while going to bed. leave it on for the entire night. Just a tiny amount is enough to cover the entire face. That’s why, may be, they gave so less quantity, I think.

My skin doesn’t feel that supple and hydrated, may be because it’s only few days that I have started using it. But yeah, there’s a change for sure in my skin. The dry flakes are no where on my skin, with more usage I might get more hydrated skin. let’s see.

About the negatives and the positives

Okay so, after trying and testing the night cream for over one week, I can safely draw a list of the downsides and upsides of the product.

The positives

  • First and foremost, it’s all natural, skin friendly, chemical free cream. (A claim that actually holds true unlike other herbal products)
  • It does nourish the skin, but might take time. So, you need to be consistent.
  • They gave a small wooden spatula along;I don’t know what to do with it, but happy to receive it.
  • The packaging is really good. They give you an extra plastic lid to cover the cream from inside. Very thoughful.

The negatives

  • The smell, it’s strong like anything. If you have ever smelled camphor, you would know how strong it is. It get’s into the deep of my nostrils. That’s a sad point.
  • The quantity,of course, way too less than expectations.
  • The cream is extremely greasy and oily (which is why its a night cream, thank God. You seriously can’t wear it in the day- it’s that greasy)
  • Took a week to be delivered at my house.


Summing up the pros and cons, I think, one should ignore the quantity of this juicy chemistry night cream and invest into it, as it does work. Upon that, it’s not every product that you find completely skin friendly out there. So, do buy this night cream if you want to nourish your dry skin.


Images of the main ingredients Lavender and Myrrh.

Juicy chemistry with Lavender


Juicy chemistry with Myrrh

Myrrh (It is a raisin extracted from the tree sap)

I hope my post was helpful and informative for you all. Bye.Β 



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  1. Great read hun. I do not have dry skin, but I know someone who does. I will pass along this information.

  2. This was a fair and honest review. It is especially important to know about the strong smell. Great coverage.

  3. I love that it’s all natural — all beauty products should be all natural. But yea, I don’t like when things have a strong smell, especially if you have to put it on your face and neck. Thanks so much for the review!

  4. I love it when bloggers share their honest oponions and dont hold back just to sound nice and get more paid opportunities. Thank you for sharing your thoughts dear!

    1. Aww thank you hun πŸ™‚ For me, honest opinion on any product is more important than bogus paid reviews.

  5. I would have to say night creams are my favorite product. What a great and informative review, I love the fact that it’s all natural!

  6. Great Review, I never heard of this cream, but I love how you shared positives and negatives! I’m afraid it will make me more oily! LOL!

  7. This sounds like a great product. However, I’m not a fan of it making my face super oily. I feel like that may induce acne for me. Is the smell unpleasant or is it just strong?

    1. The fragrance is just strong, but not unpleasant. Some people, like me, can’t stand strong smells.

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