Hip Hop Green Tea Hair Removing Wax Strips Review

Hip Hop Green Tea Hair Removing Wax Strips Review


This is the very first time I am using wax strips as I always prefer to get hair waxed by a professional. I was at a chemists shop when I saw Hip Hop hair removing wax strips. There were three variants and price was very affordable, so I thought to give it a try once and review it for you guys.

Hip Hop hair removing wax strips variants and price.

Now, the hip hop hair removing wax strips are available in three variants- Strawberry, Green Tea, and Chocolate. I hate the smell of strawberry and chocolate is not something I would like to apply to my body. I needed something fresh and light. So, I opted for the Hip Hop Green Tea hair removing wax strips.

The price for hip hop green tea wax strips is 90 rupees which is quite affordable.

Hip Hop Green Tea Hair removing wax strips


Hip hop green tea hair removing wax strip

How to use Hip Hop green tea hair removing wax strips

For the uninitiated ones, these kind of waxing strips already contains wax on them. All you have to do is rub the sheet between your palms. The wax, then will melt to the desired temperature, and you can use it for stripping your hair off. It would be more effective if someone helps you out with the waxing, otherwise even you can do it yourself without much mess.

Follow simple 4 steps:

  • Rub the strips between palms
  • Slowly peel them apart
  • Apply it on the required area
  • Firmly zip back the strip

Short description of hip hop green tea hair removing wax strips.

The packaging is very simple. A simple box with 10 pre-coated, ready to use wax strips. When you open the box you will find 5 pair of strips, that is, two strips are joined together with the pre-coated wax.

The fragrance of green tea is really light weight and mild. The wax strips are made of good quality stuff that won’t tear or mess around while stripping hair off. There’s a generous amount of wax coating done on the strips, so you can use it 3 to 4 times effectively.

You will also find two tissue wipes inside a small package along. So, when you are done waxing you can wipe the stickiness with them, and trust me these wipes are very good at it.

The product is trustworthy enough as it is already dermatologically and clinically tested. But, do not use it on broken and irritated skin. Also, please note that these are body waxing strips only. Do not use them on face, breast, and genital areas. For such areas always get the waxing done from a professional only.

If you are not sure whether it would be suitable for your skin or not, try a patch test. Use the strip on a small patch of your body skin. If it fares well, use it, but if any irritation occurs completely avoid it.

My experience with the hip hop green tea hair removing wax strips.

The fragrance of the product is very light weight and mild. That’s the first thing I liked so much about this product. Now comes the working of the product. I have used only a few strips because they were not much effective as is mentioned in the description.

First, the strips are very very sticky. The wax sticks to your fingers and hand, and it becomes very difficult to work this way. I had to wipe my fingers and hand with the tissue provided along again and again. So, it’s very messy.

Second, the tissue towels are way too small and too less in quantity. I ended up using both the tissue towels, and I could wipe the stickiness off after that. I washed my hands and legs after the waxing with soap and water, and I am surprised that the stickiness is so stubborn that it didn’t budge even after repeatedly washing and rigorous washing with soap water. So, I did not use the rest of the strips.

Third, the pre-coating of wax is quite generously done, no doubt. The hair stripping is even quite effective. In one go, all the hair is removed very cleanly. I found some difficulty in stripping hair strands in the third and fourth attempt as the strip was already so full of hair. Otherwise, the strips are very effective in removing hair.

So, in short, I had good, bad and messy experience with the hip hop hair removing wax strips.


My overall verdict on the hip hop green tea hair removing wax strips would be,

  • Price is affordable
  • Easily available
  • Easy to use
  • Too messy and sticky
  • Tissue wipes should be more in quantity
  • Wax is hell difficult to remove with soap and water.

Would I recommend it to you guys?

If you are looking for something affordable, and you can cope with the mess that it would create so go for it. The strips are very effective, so you can use them when you can’t spare time and money for professional parlour waxing.

So, that was all about the product. I have done my level best to review it completely. In case you feel I have missed out on something do let me know in the comment section. Also, do share your experiences with me.


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