Himalaya herbals anti dandruff shampoo review

Honestly saying, dandruff is something that I have been tackling with since quite a long time. I have used many anti dandruff products just to get rid of it completely. The reason why I get dandruff is I have a habit of living in the air conditioned room 24 x 7 (this ain’t good, I know), and now I even have to sit all day long in my air conditioned office. This has certainly taken a toll on my hair.  I could notice small tiny bits of dandruff on my scalp and my hair strands started to fall every now and then. Something had to be done to combat this problem.

I have used many anti dandruff shampoos, but most of them were casting shampoos. After months of using them, I realized that they are doing more harm than good. So now, after being annoyed with everything out there, I have finally found something which is actually helping my dandruff’y’scalp- THE HIMALAYA HERBALS ANTI-DANDRUFF SHAMPOO.

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No one suggested me to buy this shampoo. It was just a random pick from a medical store. The reason why I picked it because it is ‘HERBAL’ and ‘NATURAL’, which is something my already damaged hair needed. I thought It may or may not show results, but it won’t harm my hair even.

So, I have been using this shampoo for 2 months. In the first 2 washes I didn’t notice any significant difference. I went on using it and it did show result. My scalp became less itchy, and  I didn’t see much hair strands falling like crazy as before. I won’t call it a miracle product or something of that sort, but yes, it is doing a great job for my scalp.

The products claim:

  • Controls dandruff, soothes scalp, and softens hair.
  • Safe for colored or permed hair.

My take on it:

  • It has definitely helped me with the dandruff issue. As the dandruff is controlled now, the scalp doesn’t feel itchy.
  • As far as the softening the hair claim is concerned, I think you should not completely rely on any anti- dandruff shampoo as such because they are made particularly for dandruff. You can try other shampoos for that.
  • You should definitely try this shampoo if, like me, even you are tired of dandruff issues. The plus point is – it is herbal and natural.
  • I don’t have colored or permed hair so I can’t tell whether it will give the same results. Do tell me in the comment section if you have coloured hair and used it 🙂

Price: 70 INR for a 100 ml bottle.

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