Garnier ultra blends anti hairfall shampoo review and price.

garnier ultra blends anti hairfall shampoo

Hello girls! I think you all be knowing that Garnier has launched a new product in its shampoo range-ULTRA BLENDS! Some of you might have tried while some of you might have not. Garnier is a brand that many people trust in. I trust in its hair products specially.

Garnier has launched 4 shampoos in its Ultra Blends range, and all are for different purposes. The plus point is that all the shampoos are ‘PARABEN FREE’. Most of the local shampoos we use contain paraben,  which is not good for hair.So, here I’ll be reviewing Garnier ultra blends ANTI HAIRFALL shampoo.

Garnier ultra blends anti hairfall shampoo description or details


The packaging of the garnier ultra blends anti hairfall shampoo is very simple. It has a flip open cap. The cap sits perfectly so the product won’t leak out if you taking the shampoo along while travelling.

garnier ultra blends anti hairfall shampoo garnier-ultra-blends-ingredients


Garnier ultra blends anti-hair fall shampoo contains royal jelly and lavender essence. Moreover, it claims to be rich in amino acids, vitamins and lipids. Let me tell you this that amino acid and lipids are something that plays a very vital role for strong and unbreakable hair strands. I consider it a positive highlight of the product.  The formula of the ultra bends shampoo range is made from natural ingredients known for their efficacy on hair (as is written on the bottle).

garnier ultra blends anti hairfall shampoo ingredients


This anti hair fall shampoo from ultra blends range lathers really quickly and forms a thick lather. Only two dollops of the product are enough to  cleanse your waist length hair (mine is waist length). This means that even the smallest pack of the shampoo will last you a month easily.

garier ultra blends anti hairfall shampoo fragrance

The smell of the shampoo is very strong, which is a minus point. The smell kind of gives an itchy feeling in my nose. I, being allergic to strong fragrances, always consider the smell of the product to review it and determine its capabilities. So, the fragrance of this particular ultra blends shampoo is a thumbs down for me.

  • PRICE  : 55 INR for 75 ml and  120 INR for 100 ml

My take and experience with the garnier ultra blends anti hairfall shampoo 

I purchased it last month, and have used it four times since then. Honestly, I wasn’t much happy with my hair after the first wash. My previous shampoo worked better, I thought. My hair felt rough and I had to straighten my hair to make them look better. I wanted to throw away the bottle literally and switch to my previous shampoo.

I used it again the second, third, and the fourth time just to give it a fair chance. Results were much better. I think, a shampoo takes time to show its real capabilities. It’s not like an instant fairness cream so be patient with this shampoo when you use it. It will show result when you use it regularly. And in case, it doesn’t show the desired result, then you need to change it for a better one.

Now, about the anti-hair fall part. I am not suffering any severe hair fall. But my hair sheds like anything when I wash it. I took a ‘sink test’ to know whether the shampoo’s claim is true. After hair wash my hair would be all collected in the sink and too much of my hair would collect. As I have said, in the first wash it didn’t show much result but after a few more washes I could see that less amount of my hair would collect in the bathroom sink. So yes, this shampoo works for hair fall.

Benefits and disadvantages of garnier ultra blends anti hairfall shampoo

PROS of the Garnier ultra blends anti-hair fall shampoo

  • Firstly, the huge highlight of the product is that it is ‘PARABEN free’.
  • Secondly, the price of the product is very affordable. The price is cheap but the product isn’t.
  • It’s easily available. You will usually find it in a local chemist. Even cosmetic shops have it. I bought mine from a chemist itself.
  • The shampoo contains natural ingredients- amino acids, lipids and vitamins. A big plus point.
  • It is available in two sizes. I was so happy to find that they have a mini pack of the shampoo too. You can use the mini pack for trial basis. In case, you don’t like the shampoo you have still nothing to regret.

CONS of the Garnier ultra blends anti-hair fall shampoo

  • The smell is a downside. Like I told before, the smell is very catchy and strong. It may be okay for some people, but for the others who, like me, are allergic to strong fragrances might not like it much.


Summing up the cons and pros, I think the shampoo is a must-try for people who are suffering hair fall. It might do your hair some good without drying it up.

 Also, please note that this anti hair fall shampoo strengthens hair that are prone to fall due to ‘breakage’. In case, you happen to suffer from hair fall due to genetic issues, then this shampoo might not help you.




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