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faces magneteyes kajal

I have tried lots and literally lots of Kajal from different brands. Right now, I will be reviewing the kajal from “FACES”, and they have named it faces magneteyes kajal. In India, kajal is something most girls and women equally associate themselves with. Kajal or kohl is something that I will never step out of my home without. From my school days till today Kajal has been my favorite because it adds a definition to my eyes and gives a break from the plain Jane look. I may be getting late to office, but I never forget to apply it. And in case I have no time to apply, I carry it along and apply it in the office.




The kajal is packed in a red colored stick and you will have to open it the way you open a lipstick. I mean, it’s a twist up pencil form. Just move or twist the bottom part of the stick round and round until you get the required amount of kajal showing up.

faces magneteyes kajal  faces magneteyes kajal packaging


The color of the kajal is a jet black one and I have to say, it’s really the darkest black of all the kajals that I have tried. The texture of the kajal is smooth, soft and creamy, and it glides on very smoothly. Do take care while handling it as it’s too soft. If you happen to drop it, the kajal will break into pieces. 


faces magneteyes kajal swatch-1  faces magnet eyes kajal swatch 2


You don’t really have to go through the ingredients as ‘Faces’ is a trustable brand and they’ll always make sure that your eyes get the best care needed.


The price is pretty affordable. I bought it for 175 Indian rupees. You’ll get the same kajal in a cheaper price online.


I have been applying the kajal for 2 days now and I am very much happy with its results. The reason I tested it for 2 days because I really wanted to see its credibility. So, all I can say is that it lasted the entire day in my eyes. It didn’t budge a bit. But it also depends on the outer environment. This lasted for long in my eyes because I was in an air conditioned room. It might smudge a bit if you are out in the sun because of oiliness.


The quantity of the kohl will last you 4 months at least easily, even if you apply it on a daily basis.


My take on the faces magneteyes kajal


  • WATERPROOF:  yes, it’s very much waterproof. It’s monsoon and I have stepped out with this Kajal in my eyes and it stayed intact and as dark as I had applied.
  • SMUDGEPROOF: To test its anti-smudge claim, I slept with the kajal in my eyes. I mean it was just a 2 hour nap. When I got up, the Kajal stayed intact (not even a little bit of smudge).

faces magneteyes kajal waterproof


As you have already read above, I absolutely loved this product by faces. If I were to apply only one brand kajal my entire life, it would definitely be FACES MAGNETEYES KAJAL. It’s such a relief to finally find a kajal that doesn’t give me ruined and greasy eyes at the end of the day. Removing it from eyes completely may take some time because it’s waterproof. I had to wash my face twice to clear it. Also, I tried and applied it on my upper lid as well. It works as a eyeliner too without smudging. Overall, I love it. I am surely going to repurchase it.


Every product on earth has its own benefits and downsides, the same goes for the this product as well. Check them out.

Pros of the faces magneteyes kajal

  • Faces magneteyes kajal  has a longevity of around 5 to 6 hours easily. In fact, more than that.
  • It doesn’t irritate the eyes.
  • The price is quite affordable.
  • The packaging is better than those pencil kajals. No need of sharpening.
  • It’s the darkest black
  • Travel friendly
  • Smudge-proof
  • Water-proof
  • It is smooth and glides like anything

Cons of the faces magneteyes kajal

  • It takes time to wash or rub it off completely.
  • I don’t think it’s available everywhere in the market. So you’ll have to order it online.

Summing up my experience, the pros and cons, I give the faces magneteyes kajal a huge thumbs up!

Where you can buy the faces magneteyes kajal in India?

Well, online. You can certainly buy it online from Nykaa.com. I love this beauty eCommerce site as almost every beauty product that an Indian girl needs are available over here. If you are lucky enough, then you might get this in your local beauty shop as well.

Will I be recommending faces magneteyes kajal to anyone?

Yes, I shout yes! To every girl out there who’s reading the post, if you are a big fan of dark black kohl, then I highly recommend that you go with this one.

Have any different perspective on the faces maneteyes kajal, then do share it here  in the comment section.

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