Biotique Bio Almond Oil Face & Eye Makeup Cleanser Review

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Biotique Bio Almond Oil Face and Eye Makeup cleanser review it is today! As you all know Biotique is a brand popularly known for its natural products that are not made from harsh chemicals. My entire blog is filled up with organic product reviews only, and I am adding one more into it. Because why not! Who doesn’t love organic, natural, herbal products ?

This is the second time that I have used Biotique product. The first time was a face wash from them, and before that I could write a review on it, I finished it. Beat that. -_-

So, I was finally done with my Coloressence dual phase oil free makeup remover, and I wanted to try out better and healthy options. That’s when I came across Biotique bio almond oil face & makeup cleanser, and that too at such a low price. So I thought why the wait? let’s buy it! and Tadda! here it is.

Now, let’s get straight into the review. And I will keep this short and simple just the way you like it!

First things first.What did I like about Biotique Bio almond oil face & eye makeup cleanser ?

It’s price, packaging, and the efficiency. The cleanser is very efficient and removes every inch and bit of the makeup in the first swipe! As this is my second makeup remover, I am quite impressed with this one.

What I did not like about the Biotique Bio almond oil face & eye makeup cleanser?’s very oily. But I knew this fact before buying it. This biotique makeup cleanser is infused with so many oils (I’ll show you in the ingredient section), so it’s a given that it will be oily as hell. But no worries, you can wash your face with a good face wash and it will go. I won’t really count the oiliness into negative aspect as it moisturize face and eye area.

Is the Biotique bio almond oil face & eye makeup cleanser really chemical free and natural?

Absolutely! The ingredient list on the back of the bottle says so. The brand is very trustworthy when it comes to organic and natural skincare products. Also, note that they have mentioned at the back of the bottle that this product is not a cosmetic product and it has therapeutic properties. 

How to use the Biotique bio almond oil face & eye makeup cleanser ?

Apply to damp cotton pads or washcloth and gently wipe over entire face and eyes area. Simple and mess free!

My overall experience and would I buy the Biotique bio almond oil face & eye makeup cleanser again or recommend you ?

Yes. Its been one week since I am using it and trust me you guys this makeup cleanser is amazing. I apply it after coming from office with my kajal all smudged around my eyes. With just one single swipe it takes away all the product, and only a tiniest amount of it is more than enough. Moreover, I massage it all over my face to tighten and moisturize my dry skin. I am very happy with it, and I am sure buying it.

The price is just 175 rupees for 120 ml of the product. What else you guys need?! Go grab it if you searching for a reasonably priced makeup remover which is also natural and chemical free. 

The availability ?

I bought mine online, but it is also available easily at your nearest drugstore or local beauty shops. It’s that accessible. I buy online as that’s what I like and upon that I get discount as well.

Here’s some images of the product that you would want to consider. 



Biotique bio almond oil face & eye makeup cleanser ingredients


Biotique bio almond oil face and eye makeup cleanser


If you plan to buy the Biotique bio almond oil face & eye makeup cleanser then do let me know, and for those who have already used it please let me know your experience in the comment section.  Take care. Bye!


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