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Hi lovelies! This is Jeet Sandhu, founder and author of getitreviewed.com. I am 23 years old Punjabi girl, a banker by profession and a makeup enthusiast by passion. I have always wanted to do something of this sort, and it’s just now that I have given it a shot (and I am very much happy that I did).

Though I have a 9 to 5 job, that too in a bank, I still manage to keep myself up to date with the latest products, and I make sure that I try some of them if not all. That’s what I love, trying them! This is the very reason I have named my website “GET IT REVIEWED” as I believe that the person who has tried so many things and who stays up to date with everything that comes in the market, only can give PURE AND HONEST reviews.

Aside from being in love with makeup products, I am in relationship with books too. I read them while travelling to office or whenever I get leisure time. So, in short, I am doing multitasking, but with more happiness and passion. 😀


GET IT REVIEWED is my first ever website, built with just one aim in mind- TO GIVE SINCERE AND TRUSTABLE REVIEWS  on the products that I have tried. From high end products to local less costly products, you’ll find all their reviews here.

Also, one important thing I want to tell you guys that in case you don’t find a particular makeup product review on the internet anywhere or don’t find it much satisfactory, you are free to mail me your query and ask me for the review on that product. Else, you can also ask for it in the comments section. I will try my best to review it within a week’s time or even less than that.

Unlike many other beauty blogs, I also have a MEN section here. No, you are thinking wrong, I don’t use men products. That section is put up here cause I thought why should girls have all the fun :p Men products are equally eligible too to be reviewed. In this case, I will be kind of “ interviewing” my male friends who will help me to write reviews on men’s products and know much more.

P.S:  I hope I prove to be helpful to you. Also, please bear with me if I go wrong somewhere as I am human just like you, and mistakes happen 🙂  (In case, you want to criticize me, please make sure that it is constructive criticism as I would want to learn more and more with that.  Appreciative comments are always welcome with a big hug from me 😀